Garden Design System

Lead designer for the Garden Design System at Zendesk. My main focus has been managing the creation and strategy of the website to better support self-service through documentation.


SVG Gobbler

SVG Gobbler is a side project of mine I have been working on over the years to become better at JavaScript. It's a browser extension that finds SVG icons on any website to download or copy to clipboard.

Brave Browser

I spent a few years as a product designer on the Brave Browser desktop product. This was where I discovered my love and fascination for the blockchain. It was also where I discovered how difficult it is to make a browser.

55 Hi's

55 Hi's was a company I owned and operated for several years that stopped in 2014. The claim to fame was making a card that turn into a shot glass. Though the brand is now over, I leave the website up for reference because it gives a good glimpse into how how I approach design problems.

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