Hello. My name is Ross Moody

Product designer by trade, front-end engineer at heart. Currently working on the 🌱 Garden Design System at Zendesk out in sunny San Francisco.


I'm a web, mobile and product designer that can't stop trying to be an engineer. I've created companies, led teams and helped launch products. I'm a problem solver with an endless curiosity for figuring out how things work and I enjoy making products feel polished.

I started my career in advertising, worked for a bit in publishing, started my own screenprinting stationery business, helped launch a browser at Brave, taught myself Javascript and lately I spend my free time being a pretty shitty woodworker.


SVG Gobbler

A browser extension that finds SVGs on the internet to download or copy to clipboard. My first side project while learning how to write Javascript.

55 Hi's

55 Hi's was an online stationery brand I owned and operated for several years. We made all kinds of fun things like cards that turn into a shot glass and cards for narcissists.

Brave Browser

Though I was just a small part of a much larger movement, I did help the Brave Browser launch its flagship offering when it migrated to Chromium.

A few things I love

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Say hello via email at ross@rossmoody.com.

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