Ross Moody

Hi, I'm Ross. A designer, programmer, and design systems thinker that loves making things for the web

I started my career running a screenprinting stationery company printing all kinds of fun products out of a 1-bedroom apartment in NYC. I worked as a hand-lettering artist, illustrator, and print designer for a while before teaching myself code to become a software engineer.

I helped launch a browser at Brave that was powered by cryptocurrency and for the past 10+ years I've been focusing on design systems and bridging the gap between design and engineering teams.

These days I split my time between being a Design Technologist at Rippling and tinkering with app development. I like French Bulldogs, cryptocurrency, and my Aprilia RS 660.


Browser Extension

SVG Gobbler

SVG Gobbler is a browser extension that finds the vector content on the page you're viewing and gives you the option to download, optimize, copy, view the code, or export it as an image. Proud to say there are over 20k people gobbling SVGs with this extension.

macOS App


The effortless window manager for macOS. Assembl resizes, organizes, and maximizes all visible windows on a screen with one easy-to-remember keyboard shortcut.

Browser Extension

Link Roamer

Link Roamer is a free and open-source browser extension for finding, organizing, inspecting, bookmarking, grouping, and exporting all the links on a page. It's pretty good at finding redirects and broken links, too.

Icon Library


Cryptocons is an open-source library of cryptocurrency SVG icons, React components, and utility functions that make it easier to jumpstart your next cryptocurrency project.

Web App

Fomo Crypto Calculator

A fun little web app for accurately calculating the dollar amount of regret you should feel for not investing in cryptocurrency sooner.

Online Stationery Business

Fifty Five Hi's

55 Hi's was a company I owned and operated for several years that closed up shop in 2014. The claim to fame was making a card that turned into a shot glass. Though the business is now defunct, I leave the website up because it gives a good glimpse into how effective I am at writing bad jokes.



A Gentle Introduction to Staking ETH 2.0

A beginner’s journey to discovering the different methods and resources available for staking Eth2.


Defining Design System Principles

My iterative set of standards for building and maintaining empowering design systems.


6 Tips for Effective Design System Documentation

Practical tactics for writing helpful design system documentation.





Visual Studio Code



GitHub Desktop