Hello. My name is Ross Moody

Product designer by trade, front-end engineer at heart. Currently working on the 🌱 Garden Design System at Zendesk out in sunny San Francisco.


I'm a graphic designer that evolved into a product designer that can't stop trying to be an engineer.

I have a tendency to get fanatical about difficult hobbies so I can figure out the most effective way to do them. Once I start to get good at it I become bored and move on to something new. This is probably why I'm so drawn to systems design.

A few of my most recent ridiculous iniatives in no particular order are:

  1. Cutting a perfect woodworking dovetail
  2. Learning Javascript so I can understand Typescript
  3. Finding the perfect pen for Bullet Journaling
  4. 3D modeling and printing for lost wax jewelry casting
  5. Screenprinting, sign painting and letterpressing
  6. Hand sewing a leather journal cover


SVG Gobbler

A browser extension that finds SVGs on the internet to download or copy to clipboard. My first side project while learning how to write Javascript.

55 Hi's

55 Hi's was an online stationery brand I owned and operated for several years. We made all kinds of fun things like cards that turn into a shot glass and cards for narcissists.

Brave Browser

Though I was just a small part of a much larger movement, I did help the Brave Browser launch its flagship offering when it migrated to Chromium.

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Say hello via email at ross@rossmoody.com.

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